Tuesday, August 9, 2011

so, it's been a while...

primrose hill, triple exposure with my trusty diana mini

i haven't blogged in what feels like years. it's been a bit of a whirlwind busy!busy!busy!constantly!crazy! state of affairs for a while now. lots of little trips, concerts, nights out, working (what feel like) long hours at the new job, lying in bed and giggling with the family... just lots of things that, while absolutely wonderful, haven't inspired me to write THE POST that would kick-start my blogging itch again. each time i would come up with an idea to write about, i'd scrap it, because, really, a girl better blog about something interesting when she's left people waiting so long. and there will be... Soon. soon, this blog is about to become something much bigger. i need to finally jump and give blogging a real chance. daily updates, finally joining that twitter thing, really see if i can cut it at this writing thing.

why this change of pace? well, as per usual, i'm lost professionally. yes, i can actually feel you all roll your eyes and hear you say "again??? meg, what the hell is wrong with you?" BELIEVE me, I KNOW. but, hear me out.

i genuinely like the people i work with and do not hate my job. i know: finally! so what's the problem? well, i still have that empty feeling inside, which leads me to conclude that perhaps law just isn't my gig. so, since i'm on a one-year contract ending next june, and i swore to my ridiculously supportive husband that i would not leave another job before my contract was up, i have about 10 months to figure out what the hell to do with my life. i intend then to take the summer off and travel with The Boy and the kids to barcelona, paris, the south of france, and all across italy. we're going to rent cars and houses on beaches and race around europe barefoot and giddy. but before i go, i HAVE to have something figured out career-wise. this is my deadline. the vacation of a lifetime with the people i adore. if that doesn't inspire, then i will gladly volunteer to be hospitalized because there will be something truly wrong with me.

career-wise, i have two ideas, neither of which i am confident i could ever pull off. one involves finally starting that elusive perfect little café. the other involves building up a writing profile, blogging part-time and taking legal aid certificates part-time, doing cases i really care about, but that kind of fail to pay the bills. i have the next 10 months to get one of those plans in order and already running before the steady, wonderful paycheques run out...

ugh, tomorrow i'm OLD. i don't get why my birthday isn't a national holiday yet, but wherever you are, have a glass of wine for me and cross your fingers that this year i finally figure out what i want to be when i grow up? cause i think the jig is pretty much up: i'm a damn grown-up.